About Eric Hunter Tools

Eric Hunter Tools

Eric Hunter Tools is part of an international company with over 90 years of combined experience in the provision of professional garden tools and arboriculture equipment for experts in green space management. With over 2000 quality British and world renown professional gardening tools, contracting tools and equipment, tree surgery and climbing equipment, security wear and other hand tools, stocked in our 6000m² warehouse, we have what you need.

Eric Hunter Tools strives to offer an increasing choice of professional garden tools produced using natural, recycled or recyclable materials.

Clients already putting their trust in us include many local council services, utility companies, education authorities, forestry departments, charitable groups, country houses & gardens and grounds maintenance contractors; as well as smaller landscape specialists, tree surgeons and private gardeners looking for specialised, quality equipment.

Erichunter-tools.co.uk - the professional tools catalogue just a click away!

The advantages of using https://erichunter-tools.co.uk:

  • Simple and rapid access to over 2000 product codes
  • 9 product families adapted to experts in green space management
  • Create on-line quotes
  • Place orders 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Order directly by product code and quantity
  • Track orders
  • Consult previous orders and invoices