A unique client number for Eric Hunter Tools

Eric Hunter Tools Ltd operates on a unique client number principle. This means that you can use, as a customer, a unique client number to order through any means with us, Internet, email, snail mail or over the telephone. Using your unique client number allows you to:

  • sign into your account on our website,
  • get information on your past orders or quotes from our client services,
  • order through different means
  • get access to all you order history over the Internet.

Using your client number when ordering from https://erichunter-tools.co.uk lets you keep all your payment conditions (such as order on account or by BACS). Your client number is your login to our website.

Please note that if you are a past customer to Eric Hunter Tools, it is important to give your email address to our Client Services to be able to use the website.

What does the unique client number look like?

Your unique client number is made of 9 characters and is formatted like this:

SB3112 001

Already an Eric Hunter Tools customer?

If you have ordered from us previously, you will need your customer account number to order online. This number is available on your invoices. The number is based on 9 characters and looks like the one shown above.

Why use your customer account number?

Your customer account number holds many advantages for you. By using your current customer account number you will:

  • receive exclusive client offers.
  • have access to 24 months of invoices.
  • have the same conditions as you have offline.
  • ask for quotes online.

Main account.

In some cases, the number on your invoice might be incomplete. If you are a "Main Account" holder, the number must end with "000".

Sub account.

In some cases, the number on your invoice might be incomplete. If you are a "Sub Account" holder (you usually order but payment is managed by your institution's accountancy) , the number can end with any other number such as "001", "002", "003".

Not sure of your customer account number?

If you can't find your customer account number or are unsure of the full number, please contact our customer services to get the right information.

How to use your customer account number?

Go to the password renewal page. Type your customer account number in the given field. A password will be sent to the email address on the client account (provided this address has been supplied before).

This password is generated automatically by the web site and is personal to you. Our customer services can set a personalised password for you. Call us if you ever need one. You can change your password once you are connected to your account.

Problems with email addresses?

In the event that no email address is set in our system, please contact our customer services at 01628 778622 to obtain all the necessary information.