Petzl Zigzag Prusik

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Steel, spring-loaded lever release, friction links, sealed ball bearings mounted pulley, upper connection point, flexible ring for holding the connector in the major axis, swivel, use only double rope Ø 11.5 13 mm, Weight: 320 g.

The Petzl Zigzag mechanical Prusik is designed to for efficient progression on double rope during the work phase using the classic Prusik pulley system technique. Made of steel, the Zigzag is durable and has no part susceptible to wear.  The Petzl Zigzag mechanical Prusik provides fluidity and ease of movement at the end of branch from a main anchor, when climbing up or down or returning to the trunk. The sealed ball-bearings on which the the pulley is mounted allow the slack to be taken up easily.

Convenient, the Petzl Zigzag mechanical Prusik can be used for belaying and stabilising the arborist. Using the Petzl Zigzag requires no modification of your built up system when moving around in a tree. It will however be necessary to use a second Zigzag Prusik, an adjustable lanyard or a supplementary anchor.

Secure, the Petzl Zigzag can be used as an emergency evacuation system. By installing the Zigzag adequate length rope, it endorses the role of an emergency descent system, for example during phases of access and dismantling on barrel sections.

Please note that the Petzl Zigzag mechanical Prusik is to be used with single splice ropes from 11.5 to 13 mm in diameter complying with EN 1891 Type A standards. The Zigzag mechanical prusik must be pushed in at the end of the rope and moved to its working position on the side of the processed termination (splice or seam). Be careful as thinner splices can pass through the Zigzag.